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OptiCause is a leading SEO agency for Nonprofits, Charitable Organisations, Foundations and the Public Sector, based in Manchester, UK.


SEO is all about relevance, value and authority. At OptiCause, our ethos aligns effortlessly with the fundamental principles of SEO and we put it in every facet of our service. When you opt to engage OptiCause, you’re not merely choosing an SEO agency; you’re selecting a partner wholly dedicated to maximising your mission’s reach.

What makes us different?

Why Choose Our Dedicated SEO Team?

High-Value Clients, Success Stories, and Proven Excellence: Why OptiCause is the Go-To Choice for Nonprofits Worldwide.

Expertise Tailored to Nonprofits
Specialising in tailored SEO for nonprofits, charities, and the public sector. Benefit from industry expertise that understands your unique goals.
Relevance, Value, and Authority
At OptiCause, we embody SEO principles – relevance, value, and authority. Our strategies enhance your online presence and mission visibility.
Mission-driven Collaboration
OptiCause offers more than SEO services – it's a dedicated partnership. Collaborate with a passionate team to maximize your mission's reach and make a lasting impact.
More Than an Agency
We are not only an agency. We develop our own tech to handle your CMS, whether it's WordPress, Webflow, Wix or any other platform and create free tools for your team to benefit from.
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